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Mar 25, 2014 5:30pm PDT
quote mission underway in california.
Mar 11, 2014 8:00am EDT
quote from california, senator feinstein, has spoken to our conscience, to every one of us, 100 senators, men and women, both parties. she has spoken to our conscience now let's stand up for this country. let's stand up as united states senators should and as the senator from california has. i yield the floor and suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.
Mar 11, 2014 8:00am EDT
quote california just gave. what she is saying is if we're going to protect the separation of powers and the concept of congressional oversight, then she has taken the right steps to do that. i think back, mr. president, the very first vote i cast in
Mar 30, 2014 10:00pm EDT
california businesses by tenfold in that case. even in the indian casinos which are huge players of the special interest in the state have spent less than the public employees. the problem that we have in california is that the general public doesn't precede the public employee union control as a special interest. you have big tobacco, big oil, at&t telecommunications old trying to influence the system that none of them have the pervasive power that unions have and that unions have manifested power roast completely and electing democrats to office. today in california every statewide office, all of the constitutional offices are held by liberal democrats. the public employee unions to spend $5 million to help elect him four years ago. they spent 4 million to elect superintendence of the instruction of professional constitution democrats of two thirds control of both houses of the legislature i legislature ae senate and the assembly. .. >> very different from when governor brown's father was the governor of california. today one out of four californians live in abject poverty abou
Mar 10, 2014 10:00am PDT
to california because jessie wants to meet with me i don't know what it is boo about so it met with jessie. you know, first of all, i thought that was a strange name and i learned i did my homework he's a powerful dude. we talked about but during the course of this meeting he talked about this young man he thought so much of willie brown junior. so i got back to doctor king but he likes this willie brown junior. did you meet him, no. several years later my point is there is a line that connects what is happened so much in this country to the work that this extraordinary public servant has done. now i was the corporate bank lawyer in the investment business so i have to ask a question. i don't know which side of the bridge is being named but it is the same side as they collect the money (laughter) now i don't want to diminish the accomplishment but i learned it in wall street and especially with martin follow the money. i want to say personally and i have the beneficiaries 83 years i've been the beneficiary but to be here and be able to speak about you and to speak where your mature friend andre
Mar 29, 2014 7:51pm EDT
no further in california where citizens are taxed more heavily than anywhere else in the country. this is about an hour. [applause] >> thank you. actually, want to thank you very much better action. i think it's actually just the high quality people. i really appreciate your ploys. i also appreciate there addresses of your of the reagan ranch and doukhobors shoes. i reminded of the fact that tomorrow in san juan capistrano very near or live is the swallows state where they actually have a law on the books that you could be arrested for being in san juan capistrano without cowboy boots. i were them once your. i understand that there are some students from belem and pier. now, you know i graduated from bowling and representative. as a matter of fact, i was a border there. because you don't have the boarding school there anymore, but as a border i have a habit of talking after curfew. the jesuits would tell us that you can't talk after 945 or 10:00. i kept on getting in trouble for this. and so for those of you that have not attended a jesuit institution or don't go the bill and the
Mar 11, 2014 3:00pm PDT
[captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation] >> coming up on "california country" the face of andy boy produce. yes, there really is an andy boy. >> who is this? >> yep. it's me. >> oh. >> then she's getting her goat, but that's a good thing for this talented farmer. >> you see how comfortable the baby is? you can't carry the big one. >> then as the weather heats up, it's time to get gardening and our expert has the tips to get you started. >> think of the best salsa you've ever had. it was the fresh cilantro, wasn't it? >> it's all ahead and it starts now. take a walk through your average produce aisle these days and there are more choices than ever, but one farm has very eye-catching marketing strategy to entice you. and it all has to do with the bright picture of a little boy named andy. but have you ever stopped to wonder, who is this andy boy guy anyway? >> andy boy's my father, andy d'arrigo, he's the face on the label and a lot of people ask, is there an andy boy and i say, yes, there is. >> who is this? >> yep. it's me. >> oh. ha ha. you see, when f
Mar 27, 2014 12:00pm EDT
, small business administration, maria contreras-sweet of california to be administrator. the presiding officer: under the previous order, there will be two minutes of debate equally divided in the usual form. the senate will be in order. who yields time? a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from washington. ms. cantwell: madam president, i ask consent to be recognized for three minutes. i understand this next vote is going to be a voice vote. the presiding officer: the senator is correct. is there objection? without objection, the senator from washington. ms. cantwell: thank you, madam president. i want to thank my senate colleagues and senator risch for helping us get the next administrator of u.s. small business administration to the floor. first i want to recognize everybody's thoughts and prayers here for oso and darrington, washington and all their thoughts for the people who have been hit by this unbelievable tragedy. our hearts go out to this community. and i want to say this has been a tremendous effort by first responders and everyone trying to -- the
Mar 14, 2014 9:30pm EDT
in society. >> larry flynt. coming up, california identifies three toxins they want to ban from consumer products. those details are coming up. ♪ >> the state of california is cracking down on toxins in everyday items. the state was to eliminate some children's spray foam insulation. the changes following stable that was changed last year that requires companies to replace toxins with alternatives or face a ban. he is a partner at duane morris. both join us from san francisco. i wonder if we can begin with you. based on your experience, what kinds of toxins are we talking about? >> the state only announced three chemicals and three types of products yesterday. those are like a cleanup list from the 1980's. these are well-known toxins. paint strippers. a chemical that has killed over a dozen people over the last couple of years. chemicals in sprays. occupational asthma. a flame retardant put in children's baby mats, bassinets, foam children's products. it is a carcinogen and banned in the 1970's. it is still showing up in children's products across america. the state of california is be
Mar 15, 2014 12:30am PDT
the ablgctions ofs efforts to reverse parts of 209. >>> good evening and welcome to kqed newsroom. the california gop may have some soul searching to do at their state convention at burlingame this weekend. while there are challengers in the gub ernatorial race, scott brown intends to lead. >> no doubt republicans have their work cut out for them. their share of registered voters are shrinking, now less than 30%, they hold no state offices and have limited power in sacramento. the chair, senator brilty, is rebuilding from the ground up, a job he says could take up to a decade. joining me now to discuss what challenges are ahead for the republican party are gop strategist hector brahasas. he's coveri scott detra is hosting. >> hector would probably agree with me that it's a little discouraging to be a republican in california, so i think what the republican leaders want to do here is hit pause and say, hey, guys, let's take a look back. we've had a pretty successful year. obviously we haven't gotten to the point where we're going to take the governorship, but they've paid off a massive debt, they'
Mar 3, 2014 4:30am PST
people clean up in southern california after recent storms. many evacuated from mud slides are now returning. john blackstone shows what they were finding. >> reporter: the clean-up is under way at the san gabriel mountains but through mud and debris built up over harrowing days is a threat. >> there's tons of mud in the upper level holding it. it's putting pressure on the foundation. >> reporter: residents here knew mud slides were a danger after wildfires in january burned over the hills. heavy cement barriers were installed to hold back the mud. tough for these homeowners looking at what could have been. >> we're fortune this time but we were ready. >> reporter: two days of wind in a mess. huge waves crashing ashore in santa barbara, impressed diners at a diner, at least at first. the high surf that continued into this morning almost reached malibu's beach side homes. waves and storm water runoff washed away a coastal bike path. rescuers finally reached 4 hikers trapped for 8 hours by a raging stream in the malibu hills. but this being southern california, some surfers cowl not
Mar 31, 2014 12:00am PDT
or even your dog groomer. we're talking about california's day care facilities. we came with the center for investigative reporting to see a system in disarray. and parents' access to records is very limited. investigative reporter stephen stock with our story. >> reporter: with nothing less than the safety of california's smallest children at stake, take a listen to what parents face. >> you don't have anything we can, like, look at? >> no. >> reporter: when they try to find reliable information about the quality and safety of their child's day care. >> i was wondering if you have your licensing inspection i can look at? >> we don't have it. >> so i have nothing to go by. >> reporter: according to tat regulators,ary child care center should have their latest inspection information on hand for parents. so we went undercover to test the system. of the ten day cares we asked only three knew what we were talking about. >> do you have your inspection? >> yes, they came yesterday. >> reporter: people at the rest of the day cares sent us to the state or elsewhere. >> if you want that, you hav
Mar 2, 2014 11:00pm PST
of the week. >> all right, paul, thank you. >>> meanwhile, they are cleaning up in southern california. tonight, many people, who were evacuated from their homes, are allowed to return. john blackman shows us what they are finding. >>> the storm moving on. today, the day for moving mud in neighborhoods at the base of the mountains, the cleanup is underway. but, the mud and debris built up over 2 days. it is still a threat. >> there is tons of mud sitting in the upper level. holding, putting pressure on the foundation. >> reporter: residents here knew mudslides were a danger after wildfires in january burned over the hill. barriers installed to hold back the mud. joe is the mayor. >> talking to these home owns but looking at what would have been. fortunate, we are ready. they did not expect all of this. >> two days of rain, wind, high surf, leaving much of southern california in a mess. huge waves crashing ashore in santa barbara. impressed diners in an ocean view restaurant, at least at first. >> time to go. >> reporter: the high surf that continued into this morning almost reached t
Mar 10, 2014 3:00am PDT
california the expansion of medi-cal is a huge, well, if we take a step babylonia, the affordable -- back, the affordable care act is for people who didn't previously have health coverage on inadequate or unaffordable insurance. the marketplace is supposed to fill that void. the expansion of medi-cal it truly is expanding the medi-cal practice. how it's doing that is it's expanding the coverage from adults to ages 64. where medi-cal eligibility used to be 128 percent of the federal poverty level. the expanded population of income eligibility is 80 percent. it's about a person bho -- who has $14,000 income versus someone who has 16,000 over expanded medi-cal. another way is there is no asset or resource limit which is a huge change. under traditional medi-cal you can only $16,000 over expanded medi-cal. another way is there is no asset or resource limit which is a huge change. under traditional medi-cal you can only have a $2,000 asset or resource limit which keeps the person below the poverty line all the time because they can never go over 2,000. on the expanded there is no limit. for t
Feb 28, 2014 11:00pm EST
of the crowd. you're also an engineer. you used to work at nasa. >> my first job in california was for a nasa contractor. >> it is curious how it may have helped you as a politician. >> policymaking is problem solving. when you're trying to unwrap it, that is what engineers do all day. >> you welcomed jerry brown on twitter and tweeted even though you do not want to acknowledge them, we're going to get the 24% living in poverty a voice. he has record approval ratings. what makes you think you can win now? >> people generally like him. only about a third of voters think he should be did. when he is patting himself on the act that he has fixed all the problems, for millions it rings hollow. their kids are graduated with low debt and no jobs. the education system california is ranked 46th in america and we are 41 and poverty. 21% live in poverty today. it is not even a knowledge them. >> you are best known for tarp. you gave money to detroit. with basically no strings attached. you gave money to the 1%. how do you justify that to the people who could be voting for you? >> when we faced the worst
Mar 7, 2014 6:00pm PST
. the lowest is in marine county. 7.4% -- actually 4.7%. >>> the universe of california is cracking down on sexual assaults. the changes it is making on campuses to reduce violence against women. >> a horse back ride ends when a woman is trampled, the innocent fall that put her life in jeopardy. >> after the break, tracking the chance for showers for the bay area weekend, how much we could see and the 5 day with more rain in it. >>> officials say horse back rider was rescued today after she was thrown off her horse and injured on a popular trail. a helicopter unit was called into help get to the woman. officials say the victim was an elderly woman who was thrown by the horse and stomped on. because of special injuries emergency crews brought her to the trauma center. >>> two people who escaped a fire at their home are being treated for burns. you can see the intense flames from the cell phone video. it started at 3:45 a.m. this morning behind the home. firefighters say a man and a woman had trouble getting out because there were security bars on the windows and doors. this is being treat
Mar 31, 2014 4:30am PDT
for california secretary of state. >>> developing new, searchers at the sight -- site of the washington mudslidew problems. they're now dealing with household chemicals and sewage as they search for victims. the wet weather is expected to let uses this week. it's been nine days since the mud loud wiped out the town. four more bodies were found yesterday. >>> relatives of passengers on board the missing malaysian flight visited air buddhist temple to pray for those missing. today's search involving more than 100 people in the air, 1,000 at sea. they're working in the indian ocean, more than 1100 miles west of australia. some debris has been pulled out of the water, but it's trash so far. the prime minister says they will not scale back the search. >> the intensity of our search and magnitude of operations is increasing. >> a device that detect the black box is on the way to the search area. >>> happening today, deadline to americans to sign up for healthcare under the obama administration. visits to surged over the weekend. >>reporter: the deadline to enroll in the affordable health
Mar 24, 2014 6:00pm PDT
el obamacare covert california. >> quiere información de quién va a ser el contacro mppal. >> principal ., >> luyego hay un límite de ingreso dependiendo de cuántos ingresos tiene una familia para ver si es covert california o medicaid. >> primero debo ver cuántos son mis ingresos, cuánto estoy dispuesto a pagar y cómo es mi salud. >> >> localizado en el 1280 de la calle filmore hasta las 8pm, es importante que lleve foto de pasaporte además de cualquier carta con matasello. >> el certificado de nacimiento en estados unidos o cualquier documento que muestre su residencia. >> ♪. >> qué tal amigos, soy william bonilla y ésto es acción deportiva, vamos con las imágenes que han dejado mal el fútbol de méxico, pseudoaficionados de chivas se ven haciendo de las suyas, jorge vergara dijo que estarán ayudando a identificar quiénes son, recibirán alrededor de 6 años de cárcel, no hubo muertos y los policías se recuperan d erla paliza. >> estamos dispuestos a acatar cualquier medida, es una pena por nuestra institución y nuestros fanáticois que se han portado d
Mar 8, 2014 4:30pm PST
this great bridge for the great work that willie brown is doing and has done for the people of california. it was the latest example willie brown was able to build his own bridges across political allegiance to find common ground. you don't need to be from san francisco to know this is an international icon. as people run and come from all over the world and invest this city my extraordinary state and building our community educating the next generation and carrying the eventually. as people gaze upon the trickling lights and the cables of willie brown bridge from now and into the future we need not know reason of this as a bridge named after willie brown. willie brown junior is the bridge that makes the ends connect (clapping) and from this day forward people will cross that bridge minority and a people of color and the like and ask themselves what makes that man so great and it's transforming this stooifk and the capital into the institution we know it as of today. we're honored speaker brown and willie brown to stand with you as we cross those bridges together. god bless you and god bl
Mar 27, 2014 12:30am PDT
this but the california port authority passed a resolution with respect to the california lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders group and to make sure we read the entire resolution so all the ports recreation center recognize and all our employees see how important this issue say we embrace all our employees in the diversity of our workforce so where the cappa is comprised of the seaports and dedicated to maintaining the vigorous work in colonel and the port authority has been promoting the interest of the ports and leading the way of the cutting-edge of the operation whereas the california port authorities having is directed by the seaports to service the citizen's advisory committee and are committed to diversity in their respective administration and whereas california ports include all people regardless of race and national origin and sex and gender expression and gender, identity, or sex call orientation it's for the opportunity of men and women and the folks to advance the community whereas the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders contribute to the port system for elected officials
Mar 4, 2014 3:00pm PST
council of america and reading is fundamental. [captioning made possible by california farm bureau federation] >> coming up on "california country," learn how one woman is soaring with a sour fruit. >> they make everything taste a meyer lemon in tastes better because it has a meyer lemon in it. >> then it's a delta favorite. learn why these spears are so special and why they'll have you singing for your supper. >> [singing in italian] >> then it's time to stop and smell and eat the roses at this unique farm. it's all ahead, and it starts now. welcome to "california country." i'm your host, tracy sellers. we're in the bay area today, enjoying a sweet taste of success, and ironically it's all based on one sour little fruit. if you've never tried a meyer lemon, then you may just be in the minority these days. softer, juicier, and sweeter than your common household eureka lemon, the meyer has quickly built a devoted following and one that includes karen morss. she is the epitome of the statement "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade," but in her case, she took it a step further an
Mar 22, 2014 12:30am PDT
in california, but are there enough stations to fuel them? >> i drive a very rare car. there's only a handful on lease here in northern california. >> plus, telling the stories of communities through sketches. acclaimed artist wendy macnaughton with her tales of the city. good evening. welcome to "kqed newsroom." i'm thuy vu. smoking electronic cigarettes could soon be illegal in most public places in san francisco. >> but i think it's really important to show i had a banana flavored one. .ul here's a peach flavored one. but i know that other flavors from bubble gum, gummy bears, and other flavors are not targeted at elders. they're targeted at teens and youth. >> the board of supervisors voted unanimously this week to include e-cigarettes in the city's strict anti-smoking laws. a similar measure is being considered in santa clara county next week. e-cigarettes are getting popularity especially among teens providing nicotine but instead of producing smoke, they emit a vapor. supporters say they offer smokers a less harmful alternative. opponents contend e cigarettemakers are targeting young
Mar 4, 2014 6:00pm PST
at the grocery store. what he stole that has the california lottery anxious to track them down. ok, it's time to set the record straight. covered california is how californians can take advantage of the affordable care act. we can help you get quality health insurance right now. to sign up, call 800-787-9159 or go to you can also use our website to find local, in-person help. one of the biggest questions we get here is, "does covered california offer financial assistance?" yes. covered california is the only place that gives you financial help with your coverage. millions of californians will qualify. find out if you do. all plans include free preventive care. now, you might have a question about what that means. it means free mammograms, immunizations, cancer screenings, and more. it's a big list, and it's all free. so don't wait. without insurance, even a small medical issue can cost you big. call 800-787-9159, or go to, and get covered. >>> a suspected drunk driver is under arrest after investigators say he left a path of destruction. this is what it looked lik
Mar 10, 2014 6:00am PDT
in northern california are checking for any damage after a 7.9 magnitude quake hit off the coast of eureka. the shaking started late last night and we have kpix 5 mark kelly in berkeley at the northern california earthquake data center. mark. >> reporter: well, michelle, as you said, this is a strong 6.9 quake. we have seen a half dozen aftershocks so far. and we are live here at the northern california earthquake data center right here at cal. so far 3,000 people up there in northern california have reported feeling this quake. that's according to the usgs website. let's throw up this map and show you where exactly in quake happened. it was 50 miles west oklahoma in northern california a little more than four miles beneath the pacific seabed. the most populated near the epicenter was humboldt county. no major damage reported so far. but there have been a good number of aftershocks. you can see those here. some pretty strong ones at a 4.6 magnitude. one eureka resident felt the quake and had to calm his scared son. >> nobody is really, you know, immune to it. but i knew that he would be lo
Mar 19, 2014 11:00pm PDT
más alto en california. los padres pueden preparar a sus hijos con la información de los derechos de los inquilinos. >> nos mandan cartas para hostigarnos para sacarnos de donde vivimos. llevamos mucho timepo ahí y es injusto que no tomen en cuenta nuestras necesidades. >> y ahora nos vamos a una pausa pero al volver en breve a noticias univision 14 qué llevó a una menor de edad a quitarse la vida cuando iba a caer en las manos de un coyote. le contaremos de lo peligroso para usted falsificar datos legales. estas son las condiciones del tiempo actuales en el estado [información en pantalla]. >> detalles de esta y otras noticias en breves instantes al volver de la pausa comercial. >> las autoridades de houston encontraron casa con 100 inmigrantes indocumentados centroamericanos y mexicanos. >> vamos con pedro rojas y la información. >> eran 109 personas entre ellas mujeres embarazadas. >> esta vecina dijo que lamentaba su arresto pues eran quienes buscaban oportunidades. >> más de 200 gallinas y gallos fueron rescatadas. >> en el caso de los menores de edad sin protección se le
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm PST
in california. >> we're also seeing a delay program at los angeles airport today. it's related to the same weather system, there's large system up and down the coast of california, so it's affecting the two largest airports in california. >>> not surprisingly, a lot of people were without power today. pg&e service was knocked out for thousands. our latest update shows the total outages for the bay area, just under 1,000 customers as of right now. the east bay has the most customers in the dark with 742. 10:00 a.m. was the height of the outages. there were more than 13,000 customers without power. then around knoop, thousands of them in the north bay -- 1,000 in the north bay. by 1:30 this afternoon, the number was just over 900 homes and businesses. we'll be tracking the storm out night and into the wmd. is also a good resource. we're tracking the rain on our website. >>> overseas now, we are following developing news out of ukraine which may be facing an invasion by russia. late this afternoon, president obama warned russia not to interfere in its neighbor's affairs. >> we
Mar 26, 2014 11:00pm PDT
persona as an avid supporter of gun control. he has been ordered not to travel out of california and must surrender his passport. cornell bernard, abc news. >> word of yee's arrest quickly spread through the communities. ama dates joins us live with that part of the story. >> i spoke with a neighbor who was stunned hearing agents going over it with him. >> the state senator yee had nothing to say when he returned to a sunset district home after being released from federal custody. fbi agents were seen raiding his home earlier today. they took several computers and boxes of evidence. his neighbors were shocked by the charges. feeling down and disciplined in a way. >> others were not surprised at all. >> it is in the name of corruption. >> i was waiting for something to happen with them. i figured something down the road would happen. >> yee's political career began in 1988 when he was on the san francisco school board. he also served as the city supervisor from 1997 to 2002. several of yee's colleagues include darrell steinburg have called for his immediate resignation. >> i want to on beh
Mar 15, 2014 5:00pm PDT
, abc 7 news. >>> an amber alert in effect right now. police are searching for a southern california couple who kidnapped their four children from protective custody. the chp said they kidnapped their two sons and daughters from their maternal grandmother after allegations were made against the parent. they to be driving a dark colored pt cruiser with paper license plates and is missing a right here hubcap and has tinted windows. >>> new information tonight in the missing malaysian jetliner, shedding some fresh light on the movement. 14 countries are involved in the search for the flight that disappeared over a week ago with 239 people on board. the prime minister set the plane was deliberately diverted and the last signal was later than the time given. police visited the home of the pilot and co-pilot. david curly has the story from washington. >> reporter: is it was no accident, say the malaysians. the first time the government is saying the way ward flight 370 did not stray by chance. >> this movement is consistent with the deliberate action by someone on the plane. >> reporter: a
Mar 30, 2014 11:00pm PDT
in southern california are still shaken up by earthquakes. this is what it looked like there. this was not the worst of it. it tonight, brian webb has more on the aftermath, the aftershocks and the fears californians up and down the state are feeling. >> more than 100 aftershocks hit since friday. creating a fear that a larger quake is looming somewhere in california maybe the big one. when and where? >> which unit is yourss? >> this is my unit. >> it packed a big punch, fractures foundation and left brick chimneys barely hanging on. >> reporter: firecrews spent sunday red tagging a dozen battered buildings deemed unsafe until further inspection. >> no pot, pans or dish left in my cub ashes. >> reporter: one of the biggest jolts since the '94 ridgeway quake that was 6.7 and killed 50 people. the liquor store worker felt lucky to escape with his life. >> i did not want to wait to see what happened. i just left the store immediately. and, i believe that was a good move by me. >> what about the big one? quake experts of the u.s. geological survey says california has a chance o
Mar 28, 2014 11:00pm PDT
. ---este es el segundo sismo de ms de 3 grados que se registra en el sur de california en los ultimos 10 dias.. cesar ... buenas noches y bienvenidos a noticiero telemundo 48 a las once... blanca garza tiene la noche libre, gracias por acompaÑarnos... cesar --con cuatro cargos en su contra fue arrestado hoy uno de los jugadores estelares de los "49ers" en san jose, se trata de " chris culliver" , quien ocasiono hoy un serio incidente ante el asombro de los residentes. --angel ayllon nos tiene los pormenores de esta historia... angel cesar buenas noches... --" chris culliver" atropello a un ciclista, se dio a la fuga y ademas intento golpear a otro ciudadano con un arma ilegal. --el reconocido deportista ocasiono un verdadero caos al este de san jose. --estos son los detalles... ;01 1;01 1;09 --arrollado por el defensivo de los 49ers. pero no fue en el campo de juego sino en las calles tully y septima de san jose y la victima no fue otro jugador, sino un ciclista... atropellado por chris culliver. --inesperadamente la figura de los niners huyo de la escena sin importarle las lesiones que
Mar 5, 2014 12:00pm PST
in the bay area. here's a closer inspection up towards northern california right around chico, redding eureka, approaching parts of mendocino and a closer look at our radar here. not much in the way of coverage. i will put this into motion over the past hour. you can see a little bit of activity moving towards parts of marin county. probably not even reaching the ground. we could have a few sprinkles up towards novato and to the east. coming up at 12:20, we'll take a look at this, the timing of the heaviest rainfall and the forecast rain amounts. some areas could have amounts approaching 1 inch. we'll highlight those air yachtia -- areas at 12:30. >>> we want to take you back to 880. this is in fremont. there was a big rig on its side causing a backup for miles. this sometimes can happen in the backup, another collision, this is what you are seeing right now. it looks like people were hurt some people sitting there in the median. an ambulance there. at least two cars involved in the backup. it looks like traffic is starting to move a little bit after they uprighted that big rig. this is in th
Mar 23, 2014 11:00pm PDT
to work 3 days a week. >>> thousands of university of california hospital workers will not walk off the job. they have reached a deal with the university to avert a planned 5-day strike. the new deal includes wage increases, secure benefits, staffing protection, and pension reform. >>> a memorial for a mend mendocino county sheriff will be held. he was 48 years old and with the sheriff's department for 16 years. the vigil will be held in front of the fort bragg center at 8:00. >>> a bart police officer, there was a unique fund-raiser. he was killed in january. people will lift weighted. the fund will be for his wife and daughter. >> they are appreciatative of everyone coming out. >>> you saw the story here on kpix 5. oil through the bay area, law makers are scrambling to prepare for the worst. it is a game of roulette on the rails. explosive crude oil from canada and north dakota in the east bay. >> we are not prepared for it. >> reporter: the potential of detrailment disaster. >> the responsiveness if something were to happen, we are back to the 1980s in the level of preparedness.
Mar 17, 2014 1:00am PDT
francisco but might be the legacy of french bakers who brought flour do you get during the california gold rush, you know, do you get is a culinary traditions and the most important french companies were founded by french immigrants who recipe shill lives on today, it's the oldest continuing running company. so mr. president, i hope you'll see how much we san franciscans value our french county to our character and the quality of our city. you have a standing invitation to visit whatever you want and our doors will be open to you. it's with great honor i hereby present to you the key to the city of san francisco (clapping.) mr. president, >> ladies and gentlemen, i know that in san francisco everybody don't speak in french so i will speak in french. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> mayor ed lee and san francisco thank you for the warm representation and gavin newsom thank you for your kind words and for the support in france. i would like i to greet mayor brown who unfortunately wasn't able to be here because of the circumstances. but >> (speaking foreign language.) >> mr. shooult
Mar 6, 2014 10:00am PST
in police by the california public utilities commissions and how we as a local government can insure that we have common sense local regulations that really look at it and the wild west industry that sprouted up to 3,000 to 4,000 new vehicles on the street at key times in our city and i also wanted to say over the last seven years, uber type of private vehicles who are also called transportation network companies or tmcs, or also called ride shares have become extremely popular in the transportation choices in san francisco and beyond and in neighborhoods on the west side like mine i know that the history of accessing cabs have led to the people using more of their vehicles but as so-called, tmcs, moved away from the true donation based sharing of the economy model, there are growing concerns that their safety and accessibility policies are not sufficient, tscs have also provide a popular service, as taxis have left into the city and the residents complain to my office often about the taxi lack of responsiveness and inconsistent service and concerns, and i know that others will be here to t
Mar 14, 2014 6:00pm PDT
california. there will be six carriers and as of mid may, virgin america won't be one of them. when virgin america came to san jose, it did so with a splishing $80,000 campaign featuring the leader richard branson. bad news after less than a year, virgin, the one airline based in the bay area, is leaving san jose. >> you know, we're disappointed obviously to see them go. they are an awesome airline and we love having them as a partner, and we're going to be working hard at trying to get them back. >> reporter: taking a step back in the effort to play the role of rival to the much bigger san francisco airport to the north. >> i don't know. i like flying virgin, so that's not good. i guess i have to go to sfo. >> reporter: even though it's based here, virgin declined to co comment on the move releasing a statement saying in part, the san jose market didn't meet expectations and instead focus on longer flights like those out of san francisco, something san jose has got to hate to hear. how does san jose get long haul flights like virgin to come here? >> as we both know in business, especially
Mar 23, 2014 8:00am PDT
. >>> here in california, the department of motor vehicles is dealing with a potential security breach. several banks notified by mastercard about possibly compromised credit and debit cards. and law enforcement told the dmv hackers may have tapped into online transactions. security experts say hackers are constantly surfing the web looking for ways to steal valuable information. >> one might hope that dmv being a government agency could have good security but apparently there may have been some kind of a problem with it. >> well, the information includes credit card numbers with expiration dates and the security codes printed on the back of the cards. the breach may cover online transactions with the dmv between august 2nd of last year and january 31st of this year. people who think they are at risk should keep checking their financial statements. >>> a planned housing project in alameda county turns out to also be the home of some fine feathered friends. dublin crossings is where a colony of burrowing owls lives. the city of dublin approved the plan to build 2000 homes there north of
Mar 21, 2014 8:00pm PDT
than a decade of puttering long, hydrogen powered vehicles may soon be kicking off in california. they emit only water vapor from the tail pipe. governor jerry brown recently signed legislation to fund more hydrogen refueling stations and manufacturers like toyota are coming out with new car mod did hes. still the vehicles have a lot of catching up to do with other alternative cars already on the road. scott shafer narrates our story. >> like most people, bill holloway commutes to work, driving 75 miles from his home in alameda, california. but then again, most people don't make their commute in a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. >> i drive a very rare car. there's only a handful on lease here in northern california. >> this rare car uses hydrogen instead of gasoline and emits only water vapor instead of harmful pollution. >> the economy of this mercedes is great. i average 58 miles per kilogram of hydrogen, the same as 58 miles in gas. i picked the hydrogen car because i was able to drive one of the early models and i'm kind of a geek. >> carmakers have spent more than a decade and i
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